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  • Competition and Productivity – The Role of Informal Incentives (with T. Murooka)
  • The Effects of Information Sharing on Moral Hazard in Credit Markets – Theory and Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in the Philippines (with K. Czura, L. Spantig)
  • Informal Incentives and Product Market Competition – How Digitalization Affects Production Efficiency, Firm Size, and Consumer Welfare (with T. Murooka)
  • Introduction to Past and Future Developments in the Economics of Relational Contracts (with W.B. MacLeod, G. Mühlheußer)
  • Overconfidence in Relational Contracts (with N. Klein)
  • What Drives Reciprocal Behavior? The Optimal Provision of Incentives Over the Course of Careers  (with A. Schade, K. Schüssler)